FarmVille, game-related Facebook scams are second-most popular

When you consider the number of Facebook gamers--some say it's over 250 million--that's quite a lot of scamming. BitDefender has created an animated infographic to display in plain detail the most common social scams and the threat they pose to your security. The most popular scams involve fake "stalker apps," or fake applications that supposedly allow users to track in-depth data regarding who visits your page, which make up 34.7 percent of the whole. It's not surprising to see that scams claiming to offer free FarmVille items or those in other games are the second most popular, filling 16.2 percent of the total.

Sure, the whole thing is to get viewers to use the BitDefender Facebook app to share their data safely, but it should raise a few eyebrows to how serious the FarmVille and Facebook game scamming epidemic has become. You don't necessarily have to install BitDefender's app (though, I'm sure it's helpful) to be safe, but just be smart about what you click on.

Inspect News Feed stories before you click on their links or "Like" them, they could lead to a long, annoying road of malware and general discomfort. More importantly, if you see that a friend has posted what you suspect is a scam, then tell them about it. They might have no idea that they even posted it and their computer could be infected with third-party adware. They'll thank you for it later.

[Via All Facebook]

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BitDefender Infographic
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