FarmVille English Countryside: What's inside the English Mystery Egg?

With the release of the English Countryside in FarmVille came the official release of a new type of Mystery Egg available to find at random from both the Old English Hen or the Dorking Chicken when placed inside a Chicken Coop. The big question on everyone's mind (or at least the minds of those who have found these new Mystery Eggs) is "what's inside?"

We've found the answer to that question, with a list of ten prizes that are currently known to be given away via the Mystery Egg. Remember, these prizes are given out at random, and it's likely that some prizes are much more rare than others, so your own experience will likely vary.

Meet us behind the break for a complete look at the list of prizes, which include exclusive items not available in the store, and even an item that was only available for Farm Cash in the past.