Can Renters Buy Their Own Appliances?


Renters, have you ever lived in a rental with the kind of refrigerator that could only fit a pint of milk and an apple? Ever dreamed of a top-load washing machine that didn't shred your favorite T-shirts? Ever wish you had a dryer that actually dried your towels in the first cycle rather than the fourth?

Sometimes being a renter can mean your appliances are not necessarily ones your building manager would choose for his or her own family home, but rather ones chosen to meet a bottom line. In other words, you might end up with the kind of oven that not only can't fit a whole turkey but also would inevitably undercook it even if it could.

So, what are the rules? Can you as a renter invest in your own appliances? What if you are downgrading from an owned home to a rental and want to bring along the awesome Frigidaire with the extra crisper drawer you took such pride in buying a few years ago?

"I once had a tenant who had their own refrigerator and wanted to bring it along with them when they moved in," says Brooklyn building manager Martin Joseph. "I accommodated her by moving the one that was there and putting it in another apartment."

Some renters can and do bring in their own appliances into their homes. Here's how:

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