Cafe World Early Access Goals: Everything you need to know


Just yesterday, we brought you a sneak peek as to what the new and revamped cookbook would look like in Cafe World, via a preview video released by Zynga. This new cookbook will allow you to sort the dishes that you'd like to see based on type of cuisine, name or level requirement, and will apparently be an all-around streamlined process. This new cookbook will be available to users come April 11, if everything goes according to Zynga's announced plan, but why wait until then to get your hands on this new and improved cookbook?

If you'd like early access to the new cookbook in Cafe World, you'll have to complete an eight-part set of goals called just that - Early Access. These goals are automatically available to you, and will likely show up as one of the four goal logos along the right side of your screen (unlike being buried).

These goals will allow you to not only unlock the improved cookbook, but will also give you access to three limited-time dishes. Meet us behind the break for a full look at these eight goals, and what you'll need to do to finish them yourself.