Cafe World Early Access Goals: Everything you need to know

Just yesterday, we brought you a sneak peek as to what the new and revamped cookbook would look like in Cafe World, via a preview video released by Zynga. This new cookbook will allow you to sort the dishes that you'd like to see based on type of cuisine, name or level requirement, and will apparently be an all-around streamlined process. This new cookbook will be available to users come April 11, if everything goes according to Zynga's announced plan, but why wait until then to get your hands on this new and improved cookbook?

If you'd like early access to the new cookbook in Cafe World, you'll have to complete an eight-part set of goals called just that - Early Access. These goals are automatically available to you, and will likely show up as one of the four goal logos along the right side of your screen (unlike being buried).

These goals will allow you to not only unlock the improved cookbook, but will also give you access to three limited-time dishes. Meet us behind the break for a full look at these eight goals, and what you'll need to do to finish them yourself.

Early Access I starts off quite simply, asking you to cook two dishes just nine times.

Serve Dino Drumstick 3 Times
Serve Bacon and Eggs 6 Times
Earn 30,000 Coins

Dino Drumstick can be cooked for 800 coins and is ready to serve after 13 hours, while Bacon and Eggs takes nine hours to cook, but costs more at 1,000 coins each. Remember, if you have any of these servings saved in your Gift Box, now is the time to bring them out and skip the cooking altogether. Finishing this first goal rewards you with 3,000 coins and 300 Cafe Points.

Early Access II asks you to serve more dishes, but also rewards you with a free dish when you're done.

Serve Spaghetti and Meatballs 5 Times
Get 6 Onions
Get 7 Cartons of Eggs

Spaghetti and Meatballs costs 450 coins to cook, and is ready after eight hours. Meanwhile, you'll need to ask your friends to send your ingredients for your new recipe by sending out individual gift requests. Your reward for this mission is the Pancit and Lumpia recipe, which costs 1500 coins to cook, is ready after 14 hours, and offers 810 servings. These servings are sold for 8 coins per serving, giving you 6480 coins in return.

Early Access III asks you to put that new recipe to use by cooking it a few times.

Serve Pancit and Lumpia 3 Times
Serve Pumpkin Pie 6 Times
Spice 5 Neighbors' Stoves

Pumpkin Pie can be served after 12 hours, and can be cooked for 200 coins each.

Early Access IV offers you a chance at your second of three new dishes, but you'll need to earn it by collecting even more ingredients this time around.

Cook Loco Moco 8 Times
Get 8 Cartons of Eggs
Get 10 Olive Oil

Loco Moco can be cooked for 800 coins and is ready after 20 hours. Finishing this mission gives you the Bountiful Breakfast recipe, which takes just two hours to prepare, but costs 2,200 coins to cook.

As you might expect, Early Access V asks you to cook your new Bountiful Breakfast Dish, so I hope you have a lot of coins on-hand to do so.

Serve Bountiful Breakfast 8 Times
Get 8 Sacks of Potatoes
Earn 20,000 Coins

When you cook Bountiful Breakfasts, you'll receive 310 servings that can be cooked for 10 coins per serving, resulting in a return of 3100 coins.

Early Access VI is another quest that asks you collect ingredients, so get ready to ask your friends for more help.

Cook Belgian Waffles 12 Times
Get 8 Heads of Lettuce
Get 10 Cucumbers

Belgian Waffles are available to cook for 200 coins, and are ready in just two hours. You won't get a new recipe for completing this quest, but these ingredients do technically belong inside it (giving you a hint of what to expect).

Early Access VII also doesn't reward a new recipe, but it does see you collecting more ingredients for the dish you'll earn at the end of this entire quest set.

Serve Caramel Apples 5 Times
Get 3 Baby Carrots
Get 3 Olive Oil

Caramel Apples cost just 90 coins to cook, but you'll need to wait two hours to serve them.

Finally, Early Access VIII brings you to the point that you've been waiting for - the unlocking of your third new dish, and the ability to access the game's new and improved cookbook.

Serve Eggs Benedict 12 Times
Get 14 Mushrooms
Get 12 Tomatoes

As you can see, you'll have to collect quite a few ingredients to finally finish off this quest set, but while you're waiting for them to arrive, you can work on serving your Eggs Benedict which take 6 hours to prepare. Completing this final quest will reward you with the Chef Salad recipe, which cooks in just 30 minutes.

If you're a dedicated, or even just a fairly high level chef, you will likely be able to finish these eight goals before the April 11 debut of the cookbook. Whether or not these goals will disappear after that time remains to be seen, so if you're the cautious type, it might be smart to skip everything and start on these missions right away.

Have you unlocked the new cookbook in Cafe World yet? Let us know in the comments.
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