Overboard: Justin Bieber Really Could Use a Cheaper Hair Dryer

Justin Bieber touches his wax hairHey, Justin Bieber, ditch the $220 hair dryer. Get the $20 one next time. That's not just my recommendation. That's the word from Consumer Reports, the bible of buyer-beware.

I want all readers and teen idols to be smart shoppers. So I scratched my bald head at the hair-raising news reported by UsMagazine.com that the Biebs uses Solano's $220 SuperSolano 3700Moda hair dryer for his new, shorter 'do.

Consumer Reports cautions against spending big bucks for this grooming staple."You can buy a hair dryer, also called a blow dryer, for $20, but surely a $200 hotshot with high wattage will dry your hair faster, right? Wrong," Consumer Reports wrote. "Despite big differences in price and wattage, drying time for the 10 hairdryer models we tested didn't vary much ... All will dry hair in about the same time."

If you want to be a budgeting rock star, get your hands on what CR called the best value of all, the Revlon Ceramic Pro Stylist. It costs around $20. Now that's something to sing about.

Bieber's 1,875-watt baby isn't even the best among the so-called professional hair dryers, according to Consumersearch.com. The T3 Tourmaline Professional Featherweight gets the nod as numero uno, and it costs $45 less. Maybe I should get the message out to his stylist, Vanessa Price, who told the celebrity weekly, "Even though Justin's new haircut isn't as smooth as it used to be, it's still important that we use a good hair dryer."

Most modern hair blowers tout their infrared heat, tourmaline, and supposed ion-charging properties for de-frizzing. What apparently made the T3 stand out on Consumersearch's "pros" checklist collected among Amazon reviews was that it was "lightweight, reduces drying time and doesn't damage hair as much as other dryers."

In other in-tress-ting news, the first Bieber doll with hair comes out in June or July. The previous one was rushed to market with plastic-molded hair, but this one will have real nylon for the girls to comb. The new doll mop looks more like the shag that Bieber just sheared and that Ellen DeGeneres auctioned for charity through eBay for $40,688. Finally, "scalping" gets a good name.

This chrome dome says enjoy being the mane man while you can, kid. Just think twice when you buy your next hair dryer.
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