Now Hiring: Real Aflac Duck Auditions [Video]

job interview The Aflac duck is back and quacking! The international insurance company has officially opened auditions for the new voice of their endearing corporate icon, which became necessary when the former voice of the duck, Gilbert Gottfried, was fired from his gig of 11 years for tweeting insensitive jokes about the Japanese tsunami and earthquake. It seems Aflac has a major presence in Japan.

According to the casting call website Aflac has set up specifically to take auditions, "Our beloved duck has lost his voice. Think you have what it takes to be the new voice of the Aflac Duck? Take a quack at it. You can submit your application online, or come to a casting call and apply in person."

There will be open casting calls where you can apply in person in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, Atlanta and Las Vegas. See a schedule and information here. Or you can apply online by submitting contact info and an audio or video file. Online applications must be:

  • Submitted by 11:59pm PST on Friday 4/1
  • No more than 30 seconds long
  • 10MB or smaller
  • File name should include your first and last names
  • Is a standard file format:
    • Audio: mp3, wav, midi, wma, mpa, mp2, m2a, ra
    • Video: mov, qt, mpeg, mpg, wmv, rmvb, rm, avi, m4a, mp4, m4v

A few specifics about the gig: Aflac says, "This position will be integral to forging Aflac's voice in all manner of communications. In this role you will create innovative ways to use one word to convey that, without Aflac, no insurance coverage is complete."

You'll be required to creatively express everything Aflac is, in one quick quack. You'll be expected to make people laugh, and get along well with other ducks. You'll be providing a voice for advertising in television, websites and other marketing communications. And most importantly, you're expected to be a person who "Inspires trust and behaves ethically."

Meanwhile, AOL readers showed us that they could well be quacked up to be the next Aflac duck, by posting some killer auditions on YouTube. We hope everyone sends their auditions to the official Aflac site. But here are some of our favorites, as selected by Hollywood voice over agent and producer James Mandell:

Most Delightful Group Effort: Johnnie Moutra

Most Resourceful on the Go: Allan Laurie

Most Entertaining: Sonny Melendrez

Most Potential (and cutest): Gavin Lanphear

And Finally...

Best and Most Professional: Mark Kaye

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