FrontierVille: Expand to 37 x 37 now for coins

It's been a long time coming. We've known that a 37 x 37 land expansion would be coming to FrontierVille via a new set of goals discovered way back at the beginning of February. Last week, the expansion was finally made available in the game, but only to those players who wanted to shell out a whopping 185 Horseshoes to unlock the missions early.

Now, though, the time has finally come as users can now purchase the 37 x 37 land expansion goals for coins - 1,000 coins, to be exact. For that price, you'll simply unlock the mission set that sees you expanding your land at the end, meaning that you won't instantly have access to more squares in your game, but you will be finally working your way towards that with a guarantee of availability.

For a complete guide as to what to expect from these missions, check out our guide.

Have you purchased the 37 x 37 land expansion goals, or do you already have all of the room you need? Let us know in the comments.