FarmVille Mystery Game receives English animal update

In honor of the launch of the English Countryside in FarmVille, Zynga has updated the Mystery Game with a full set of English animals. This Mystery Game udpated later than usual this week, rather than the Sunday night update that became the norm during the Winter Holiday season. We're not sure if this means that FarmVille is back to its original Tues/Thursday update scheme, but it is something to think about.

As for the Mystery Game itself, it will cost you 20 Farm Cash per dart, which is more than the normal price tag of 16 Farm Cash. For that price, you'll have a chance of receiving one of six animals:

Jersey Cow
Red Fox
Short Hair Cat
Thoroughbred Horse

Of course, if you receive either the Jersey Cow or the Thoroughbred Horse, these two do come with the possibility of offspring. Place the Jersey Cow in the Dairy Farm and you'll have a chance at a Jersey Calf, while placing the Thoroughbred Horse in the Horse Stable will give you a chance to breed a Thoroughbred Foal that can be shared with friends.

You'll only have a few more days to win these exclusive items, so play fast to not miss your chance.

Which animal did you win from this week's Mystery Game? Let us know in the comments.