FarmVille: Giant Candy Apple Tree found from Mystery Seedlings


If you like having FarmVille trees in your collection before they're even released in the store, be sure to claim any and all Mystery Seedlings that your friends post on their walls, and make sure to harvest your Orchards as soon as they are ready, as a new tree has started appearing from Mystery Seedlings - the otherwise unreleased Giant Candy Apple Tree.

While this tree will eventually be available (presumably) as a Mystery Seedling of the also unreleased normal Candy Apple Tree, you can only find it now through growing Mystery Seedlings and hoping to get lucky, or by hoping that you friends have grown one only to share an extra on their wall.

We'll make sure to let you know when these trees are released in the game's store, so keep checking back.

Have you received a Giant Candy Apple Tree from a Mystery Seedling? Let us know in the comments.