FarmVille English Countryside Unwither Clock: Don't be fooled

Unwither Clock
Unwither Clock

Sad that your Unwither Ring from your original FarmVille won't be coming with you to English Countryside? Have no fear, for the Unwither Clock is here ... for English farms. This item provide wither protection for just 55 Farm Cash, but too bad it only lasts 30 days. That's right, for $10 you can have one whole month of crops that never die. But wait, doesn't switching to another farm freeze the entire farm completely?

That's absolutely right. So, why would anyone buy a second wither protection item that has a time limit? We haven't an idea in the slightest. For someone who has all but spent all of his time on his English farm, simply switching over to my original farm would protect my English crops from dying. And for someone who already owns an Unwither Ring for their original farm, the same applies, really. In short, think twice before you drop $10 on an item that's otherwise useless--throw it in your iPad 2 jar (we know you have one) or go to the movies.

[Via FarmVille Freak]

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