FarmVille English Countryside Pub Goals: Everything you need to know

Pub Goal Intro
Unfortunately, Zynga has yet to bring any of the old Crafting Buildings from the original FarmVille to the English Countryside. Bah! Who needs them when we have our very own Pub to brew delicious beers and wines in and get wasted in? Like all of the new features in this expansion, they're accompanied by a series of Goals. In this case, there are five Goals leading to the creation (and liberal use) of the Pub.

1. Listen Up

  • Visit 6 Neighbors
  • View your Progress
Listen Up
That was easy enough, huh? Just give six friends a visit and click on the map icon above the Gifts button to complete this quest. Your reward? Enjoy 1,500 coins, 100 XP and a Bench.

2. Rodents of Ruin

  • Get 6 Mouse Traps
  • Harvest 75 Hops
  • Harvest 75 Barley
Rodents of Ruin
To get the six Mouse Traps, you'll need to ask your friends directly through the "Ask Friends" button within the Goal window. Hops cost 150 coins a piece and Barley costs 80 coins, so the combined cost for this Goals comes to 17,250 coins. And unless you already have a massive farm, this Goal is going to take at least one day to finish dependent upon your space constraints and cash reserves. Either way, enjoy the 2,000 coins, 200 XP and 5 Farm Cash as reward.

3. Stock the Bar

  • Get 6 Pint Glasses
  • Harvest 100 Bluebell Flowers
Stock the Bar
Again, you'll need to ask your friends for the 6 Pint Glasses through the Goal's menu window. Since Bluebell Flowers cost 120 coins a piece, this Goal will cost you 12 thousand coins even. At least, this Goal will take 12 hours to complete given the crops' harvest timer. Finish this Goal to earn 2,500 coins, 250 XP and, finally, your Pub.

4. Lagerheads

  • Place the Pub on your Farm
  • Make the Duke's Stout Recipe two times
  • Buy one Pub Cat
The Pub will be in your Gift Box waiting to be placed, so go on and do it. The Duke's Stout recipe is the first brew you'll craft, so check our guide right here to find out how to use the Pub. Once that's through, buy one Pub Cat through the Market for 5 thousand coins and consider this Goal finished. A Pub Sign Decoration, 2,500 coins and 250 XP will serve as your reward.

5. A Berry Good Drink

  • Harvest 100 Red Currants
  • Make Oliviaberry Beer twice
A Berry Good Drink
Red Currants are basically the Strawberries of the English Countryside, so they'll only take four hours to harvest. However, this Goal will put you 4 thousand coins in the hole. Again, to find out how to create Oliviaberry Beer and other recipes check out our guide. This final Goal will reward players with 5 thousand coins, 500 XP and a Pub Keeper outfit for your avatar. After this, the Duke will appear and inform you that this is the final Goal in the English Countryside at the moment, so continue farming as you please.

[Source and Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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Have you completed the Pub Goals and started brewing yet? How do you think players can finish these Goals even faster? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.
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