FarmVille English Countryside Orchard Goals: Everything you need to know

farmville english courntryside shade trees

Once you've made it into the FarmVille English Countryside, you'll find yourself quickly setting up everything from a garage, horse barn, pub and... an orchard. There are two relatively easy missions that you're required to complete to get your new, English orchard up and running, and here's everything you need to know:

First you'll get a the message from Agnes above. Then, when you hit 'Continue' you'll launch the first of the two orchard missions, called 'Trees of Green.'

farmville english countryside trees of green

The mission consists of the following:

Get 10 Trees
You can click 'Get Trees' to buy some in the market, which is pretty much limited to apple, orange, lemon and lime if you don't want to spend Farm Cash for some of the more exotic trees.

Pro Tip: Trees in your gift box can be used on your Home farm or in your English Countryside farm. So, if you have some hanging around in your gift box, that will help you reach 10 trees without having to spend extra coins.

Buy 1 Orchard

Click 'Get Orchard' and you'll be whisked away to the Market where you can buy an Orchard for 1,000 coins.

Pro Tip: Be sure to check your gift box before you spend the 1,000 coins to buy one. FarmVille passed out free orchards to farmers before English Countryside launched, so you might already have one ready to go in your inventory.

Once these goals are complete, you'll receive a nice reward of 100 XP, 1,500 coins, and five each of nails, bricks and boards.
farmville english countryside

farmville english countryside orchard

Once the first mission if done, Agnes pops in for another chat and the second orchard mission -- 'Out on a Limb' -- launches. The goals of this mission are, again, pretty simple:

1. Complete the Orchard

To complete the Orchard (this will all seem very familiar if you created an orchard on your Home farm), you will need 10 nails, 10 bricks and 10 boards.

Since you received 5 of each of these building materials as a reward for finishing the first orchard goal, you'll already be halfway there. To get more building materials, you can ask your friends to send them to you or you can buy some.

Pro Tip: If you stocked up on Special Delivery boxes before heading to England, this would be a good time to make use of them. Open 'em up, and there's a good chance you'll get all of the supplies you need.

2. Place 10 Trees in the Orchard

Once the orchard is done, then move the 10 trees you collected before into the orchard.

Pro Tip: Place trees that you want to see the most into the orchard last. Those will be the trees that show up in the front of the orchard. Less attractive trees should go in first, that way they'll be in back of the more attractive trees.

Once these two things are done, that completes the 'Out on a Limb' mission and all of the orchard missions. You'll again get a pretty decent reward, which consists of 100 XP, 1,500 coins, 6 Two Shovels and 6 Watering Cans (shovels and watering cans will be used for the next mission -- building a duck pond!)

farmville english countryside orchard goals rewards

Ta-dah! Now you're the proud owner of a new English orchard. Every 48 hours, you will be able to harvest your new orchard for extra coins and a possible mystery seedling.

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