FarmVille English Countryside: Exclusive decorations in the store


While you may have found yourself all caught up in the many quests and buildings to construct on your second farm in the FarmVilleEnglish Countryside, don't lose sight of the fact that there are a set of new and exclusive decorative items available to purchase for your new land in the game's store.

Like the Country Fence that was standing next to your Horse Stable? You can purchase that and two other items that are exclusive to the English Countryside expansion by heading to the Decorations tab of the store and clicking on "Them" under the Sort By drop down menu.

The Country Fence mentioned above costs 300 coins per piece, while a Dilapidated Fence is a lighter shade of brown (or even a dark tan color) that also costs 300 coins per section, but is a bit broken (on purpose of course). Finally, you can purchase a low Country Hedge to create all manner of mazes or just more naturally divided areas on your farm for 600 coins per piece.

There is no time limit associated with these items, so we expect them to be available permanently on your new farm.

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Will you fill your second farm with these exclusive fence types? Let us know in the comments.