FarmVille English Countryside Cheats and Tips: A Characters Guide

FarmVille English Countryside Characters
One of the most touted features of English Countryside, the first ever expansion to FarmVille, is its focus on characters and storyline. Sure, it's a feature that's seen liberal use in both FrontierVille and CityVille, but does that fact make it any less exciting? Not really. To finally have one of the biggest improvements in Zynga's game design come full circle is certainly something to be psyched about, especially with the implications for the future. But since the expansion is only one day old, let's focus on the now and take a detailed look at the game's current cast of characters.
Duke, The Airship Pilot
This is the bloke who started it all. It's Duke who swoops--more like crashes--in to tell you that he and his friends in the English Countryside need your farming expertise to bring their farmland back to its former glory. So, it's your job to fix his airship and follow him back to England and get started on your second farm. It wouldn't be wrong to consider Duke the proverbial Frontier Jack of this game, guiding you along in Goals and introducing you to new characters. Now, does Duke have any single nieces?

Angus, The Sheep Breeder
This little fellow knows more than you think about running a farm, especially when it comes to livestock. Angus is the local sheep breeder, and is ready to pass his limitless knowledge of the woolly creatures to you. This bugger is the guy who will narrate and guide all of your Sheep Breeding quests until you get the hang of it. He even gives you a few of his own prized ram and ewe to start. But this all gets us thinking, where are his parents?

Agnes, The Arborist
This lady sure knows how to grow an apple tree or two. Agnes will reintroduce you to the world of Orchards and will guide you along in building your very own. She also has a stash of supplies, and if you complete the Goals she provides, she'll throw you a couple shovels and watering cans. Aw, isn't she just special?

Olivia, The Pub Keeper
This tanned maiden runs the local pub, but is on the brink of leaving it all behind, according to Duke. She has a serious rat problem in her fine establishment that's literally driving the customers away. So, she's asked for your help to keep the rodentia at bay while you provide her with more ingredients to brew her famous beers and wines. Olivia will guide you through the process of using Bushels to create new recipes in this brand new Crafting Building.

Lily, The Dairy Farmer
While she's yet to make an appearance in the English Countryside for most players, Lily is a cheese master. We first heard word of her from a postcard she sent to us on our old farms, declaring her excitement to finally meet you. We imagine that Lily will introduce us to the Dairy Farm, a new building that will double as a stable for Cows and a Crafting Building in which we'll make--what else?--cheese!

Professor Milton
Professor Milton, The Archaeologist
Don't ask us what a fossil nut is doing on a farm, but Professor Milton is your go-to guy for all things old and underground. We doubt many players have seen him in the game as of yet, but he's around here somewhere. All we can guess is that old Prof will introduce us to a brand new, unique feature.

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