Family Suing Ritz-Carlton Claiming Daughter Molested by Drunken Guest

The family of a 9-year-old girl is suing the very posh Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis alleging the hotel negligently provided a room key to a drunken man who they say molested their child.

The suit, filed this week against the hotel's owner and operator, seeks more than $5 million in damages, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Also named in the suit are Daniel Hughes, 42, of Conshohocken, Pa., who is facing felony charges in the alleged molestation, as well as his employer, Enterprise Leasing, the newspaper reports.

Hughes was in St. Louis to attend a company training session. He no longer works for Enterprise.

Police say Hughes was staying at the hotel with a co-worker earlier this month when he became so intoxicated he had trouble getting into his room. After a front desk clerk gave him the key, he went to the wrong room, the one where the 9-year-old girl, her teenage sister and a friend were sleeping.

Hughes allegedly crawled into bed with the 9-year-old. The girl's parents were asleep in an adjoining room.

The suit alleges, among other things, the hotel was negligent because the clerk did not seek to identify Hughes as a guest in the suite before turning over the key.

Hughes, who has no criminal record, was released after posting $400,000 bail, the newspaper reports.

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