Elizabeth Taylor: Her Career Was in the Cards

Elizabeth Taylor "I don't pretend to be an ordinary housewife," ~ Elizabeth Taylor

While the world is mourning the death of Elizabeth Taylor, it's interesting to note that she remained true to her Jack of Clubs Destiny Card to the very end.

The use of Destiny Cards are an ancient practice that blends astrology, numbers and the deck of 52 playing cards. This system has been around for hundreds of years, and many have used it to gain insight into career choices and paths. The day and month you were born corresponds with a specific card in the deck, and each card carries with it specific character traits and inclinations.

Elizabeth Taylor, for example, was born on February 27, which corresponds with the Jack of Clubs. This is the card of an unconventional, innovative personality, who is on the leading edge of thought. People who are associated with the Jack of Clubs are known for their brilliant minds, thirst for adventure and originality. This card doesn't feel a strong urge to adhere to social norms, whether it's being married with children or sticking to a predictable career path. That's a pretty accurate description of Taylor.

The brilliance of this group, which offers a lightening quick mind and excellent memory, could have been a factor in Elizabeth Taylor rising to fame as a movie actress at age twelve, when she starred in National Velvet. It's interesting to note that another child superstar, Shirley Temple Black also falls under the Jack of Clubs.

The shrewdness associated with her destiny card was evident when Taylor became the first actress to command a million dollars a movie for taking on the title role in Cleopatra. Taylor came into the spotlight at a time when a star's image, career and personal life was groomed by movie studio executives in an attempt to 'make' their celebrity.

Even within the regulated confines of the studio system, Taylor, in the independent spirit of her Jack of Clubs Destiny Card, was driven to always do things 'her way.' This included creating a few scandals along the way, such as when she 'stole' Eddie Fisher, who was married with children to America's Sweetheart, Debbie Reynolds. Five years later, Taylor entered into a steamy love affair with her married Cleopatra co-star, Richard Burton. Once Burton left his wife for Taylor, the two led a public love affair, becoming an early target of paparazzi.

Taylor was also married to Senator John Warner. She said, "It was hard being a senator's wife." Perhaps it would be hard for most members of this group to be anyone's wife, as their personalities are fiercely independent, and it's difficult for them to merge their professional lives with anyone else's.

Perhaps it's the Jack of Clubs' stellar mental-strength that offers them the ability to apply laser-focus to their goals, without being concerned about what others think of them, which leads them to success, because there seems to be a lot of celebrities who fall under the Jack of Clubs. Media magnate Oprah Winfrey, pop superstar Elton John, Danica Patrick, the first female race car driver to win an Indy car race, Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin and feminist Gloria Steinem are all Jack of Clubs.

If you're curious about your own Card of Destiny and how it affects your career, see Your Career is in the Cards (of Destiny). For a free mini-reading, you can go to Goddess Of Destiny.

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