CityVille Italian Theme brings out the foodie in you

CityVille Italian Theme
Along with the Goals to bring Lorenzo's Family to CityVille, Zynga has also released an entire Italian theme to the game. While there is a new apartment building and a beautiful Tuscan home to gawk at, the update almost solely surrounds what any say the Italians do best: cook. Every Business introduced with this update is a restaurant or food market and even the Community Building is a Culinary School. Even one of the decorations has the word "pizza" in it. Let's just say if you weren't a foodie by now (doesn't everyone love food to an extent?), you could be after snagging these items.

Here's a full breakdown of all the items included in this update:


  • Pizzeria: costs 6,700 coins; earns 630 coins; requires 140 Goods
  • Cheese Market: costs 7,200 coins; earns 690 coins; requires 150 goods
  • Panini Shop: costs 6,300 coins; earns 528 coins; requires 120 goods
  • Italian Ice Parlor: costs 25 City Cash; earns 715 coins; requires 130 goods


  • Milan Apartments: costs 7,000 coins; Population 100; rent 215 coins/day
  • Tuscan Villa: costs 9,500 coins; Population 110; rent 80 coins/2 hours

Community Buildings:

  • Cooking School: costs 19,500 coins; allows 470 population


  • Street Flag (200 coins, 1% payout)
  • Soccer Dribbler (8 City cash, 2% payout)
  • Piazza Pylon (1,000 coins, 4% payout)
  • Chess Corner (28 City Cash, 8% payout)
  • Piazza Bikes (150 coins, 1% payout)
  • Piazza Sidewalk (25 coins)
  • Bocce Ballers (28 City Cash, 16% payout)
  • Piazza Eatery (2,500 coins, 8% payout)
  • Bike Rack (free gift, 1% bonus)
  • Piazza Guardrail (free gift, 1% bonus)
  • Alleyway (8,000 coins, 6% payout)
  • Alley (10,000 coins, 8% payout)

[Source and Image Credit: CityVille Info]

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