Cafe World gets new Cookbook in scrumptious update


Finally, Zynga has taken it upon itself to update the unnavigable horror that once was the Cafe World Cookbook. It seems the company has applied many of the same principles in its Catering redesign to the new menu. At last, you can sort the list of recipes by cuisine, name, level requirement and more. Mousing over recipes will reveal cooking statistics like Cafe Points yielded and servings created. It's unsure when the update will be released or whether it's slowly rolling out to players now, but keep your eyes peeled as you work on that 7th Inning Snacks Order. Hopefully this is just a taste of future interface updates across Zynga games. (If only Flash had a spell checker--take a close look five seconds in.)

Have you seen the new Cookbook make way into your game? What do you think of the redesign and what else do you think could use a second look? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.