Top Four Industries Hiring May Surprise You

Industries Hiring Health care, health care, health care, right? Sure, hot hiring trends are typically focused on health care and technology, but how about recreation and day care? Dare we even say construction? There are pockets of expansion within various industries that continue to create a demand for workers.

1. Leisure/Recreation/Gaming

Whether it's the hospitality field or gaming services (working for casinos), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistic's Occupational Outlook Handbook, the outlook is bright. Considering hospitality has a high turnover rate, it's a beneficial field for job seekers as is gaming, which as a field is growing faster than average. According to Erica Orange, vice president of Weiner, Edrich, Brown Inc., a New York-based futurist consulting firm, the trend is here to stay and may penetrate across non-traditional industries. For example, we could start seeing the creation of new job titles such as manager of recreation for local hospitals. As Orange explains, "Perhaps leisure for some will be the ability to fully disconnect from technology. For others it may mean being in a fully immersive virtual world. But despite individual differences, the desire is the same -- to escape."

2. Construction

The BLS indicates that construction as a field is expected to grow 19 percent by 2018 (the average job growth for all fields will be about 11 percent). All this is due to population expansion, deteriorating infrastructure and aging buildings. Orange notes, "Because of a rush to push everyone into higher education, we dismantled much of our vocational and technical training and lost sight, for a while, of the jobs that needed to get done on a local, manual skills basis." Plus, she says it's much harder to outsource jobs that require manual labor, so this field is outsource-proofed. "In a time of uncertainty, the 'inoutsourceable' and perhaps even more secure jobs will likely grow in popularity, demand and desirability," explains Orange.

3. Child Care

Although retiring baby boomers create room for job opportunities within teaching and education, one field that's often overlooked in the industry is child care. Daniel Greenberg, chief marketing officer at, attributes the growth in child care employment opportunities to the economic uptick. During the recession if one parent was unemployed, there wasn't a need for day care since at least one parent was at home. He explains, "Now that both parents are getting back on their feet, the need arises." However, Daniel cautions that this current employment trend will likely level out and not grow exponentially after working parents fully immerse themselves back into employment outside the home.

4. Air Transportation

According to BLS data, regional airlines and low-cost carriers will present the best opportunities for pilots, as well as for air traffic controllers based on the need to replace workers who are retiring or plan to leave the occupation altogether. Above all, regardless of the industry, Dan Erling, author of 'MATCHED: A Systematic, Sane Process for Hiring the Right Person Every Time,' says there are two key hiring strategies. The first is hiring contractors "without immediately adding headcount." The second, "Extreme selectivity in the hiring process -- increased demand for the 'perfect' hire."

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