The World's Yummiest Spa Treatments

world's yummiest spa treatments


Maple syrup, caviar, Meyer lemons, agave. No, these are not the items needed for some exotic dish. Spas around the globe are doing without the big-name brand cosmetic products and instead offering treatments that utilize indigenous ingredients, often sourced on site. The scrubs, lotions, creams and exfoliants sound so mouthwatering, you'd be forgiven for wanting to eat them. Here, 15 of the yummiest treatments worth packing a bag for.

The Spa:Ritz-Carlton Denver, Colorado
The Inspiration: Honey Lager
The Treatment: Hops N' Honey Pedicure
Ingredients: Embracing notes of amber, caramel, oats and honey, this pedicure starts with a scoop of hops and honey cream dissolved in the footbath to soften and nourish feet. After an exfoliating scrub, a rich caramel foot mask is applied for ultra hydration and toning. Next, feet and legs are massaged with a whipped milk and honey lotion. As an extra indulgence, samplings of five local microbrews or herbal teas are served to complete the experience.

The Spa:The Atlantic Resort & Spa, Florida
The Inspiration: Let them eat cake
The Treatment: Marie Antoinette
Ingredients: Treatment begins with exfoliation in a chocolate sherbet packed with vitamin E and Jojoba oil. Following is a marshmallow body mask to awaken the body. After that, you soak in a warm chocolate and strawberry bubble bath to revitalize. During the treatment you can savour decadent gourmet treats prepared by the chef. The icing on the cake? An application of milk and honey that leaves skin feeling silky smooth.

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Spa Apothecary; Four Seasons Hotels

The Spa:Four Seasons Resort Hulalai, Hawaii
The Inspiration: All you can eat buffet
The Treatment: Spa Apothecary
Ingredients: At this spa, guests work with their therapist to determine their end-goal, then select a combination of ingredients - from green tea and lemongrass to chickpea flour and vanilla bean - to create a paste that is then used in a body scrub or water cure treatment.

The Spa:Ko`a Kea Hotel & Resort, Hawaii
The Inspiration: Cup of Joe
The Treatment: Awakening Kauai Coffee & Sugar Ritual
Ingredients: Feeling sluggish? The rich and aromatic blend of Kauai Organic Coffee and Organic Vanilla Essential Oils will awaken your senses. The ritual beings with a body exfoliation of blended Kauai organic coffee, Hawaiian sugar, organic Macadamia oil and organic Vanilla essential oil.

The Spa:Lake Austin Spa Resort
The Inspiration: Pomegranate Mojito
The Treatment: Perfect Pomegranate
Ingredients: After a pomegranate salt glow scrub and shower, you'll indulge in a full-body massage with pomegranate body butter with shea and aloe. Leaves you feeling soft and tingly all over.

The Spa:Southern Ocean Lodge Spa Retreat, Australia
The Inspiration: A rich Middle Eastern dessert
The Treatment: Ligurian Honey and Almond Wrap
Ingredients: Ideal for lightening skin blemishes, this body exfoliation and massage starts with a salt scrub. A rich blend of ground almonds, honey and warm water is then applied to the body. After relaxing in a warm wrap, burrito style, you'll rinse in a refreshing rainwater shower and then massaged into oblivion with island essential oils. And for dessert? You're spritzed with lavender mist.

The Spa: White Elephant, Nantucket
The Inspiration: Piña Colada
The Treatment: Pineapple Crush Body Treatment
Ingredients: Skin lost its luster? This invigorating body scrub combines fine sea salts with pineapple enzymes and antioxidant cranberry extracts to exfoliate the skin.

The Spa:Topnotch Resort and Spa, Vermont
The Inspiration: Pancakes with maple syrup
The Treatment: Maple Sugar Body Scrub
Ingredients: Your entire body is polished with real maple sugar made from select Vermont maple trees - the ultimate hydrating experience.

The Spa: Kaua Club and Spa at Park Hyatt Mendoza, Argentina
The Inspiration: A glass of Malbec
The Treatment: Mendoza's Wine Antioxidant
Ingredients: You've tasted the vino, now spend a half day at the spa rejuvenating from head to toe with a wine body glow, an aromatherapy massage featuring wine essence oils and, to top it all off, a grape body masque. Salud!

The Spa: UNU Spa at Inkaterra Machu Picchu, Peru
The Inspiration: An Andean elixir
The Treatment: Inkaterra Therapy
Ingredients: Coca leaves may be a key ingredient in that illegal white powder but in Andean medicine they are chewed, brewed and applied topically to treat an assortment of maladies-from headaches to depression and muscle pain. This treatment, which starts in the sauna then moves on to a massage, uses coca oil and actual coca leaves to detoxify and improve blood circulation.

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K.B.C Organic Rice Scrub; Hotel Knai Bang Chatt Resort

The Spa:Hotel Knai Bang Chatt Resort, Cambodia
The Inspiration: Congee, an Asian rice porridge
The Treatment: K.B.C. Organic Rice Scrub
Ingredients: Local organic rice is used to naturally and gently exfoliate the body. A hydrating treatment featuring yogurt, honey, fresh orange juice and Ylang Ylang essentials is then applied to revitalize your skin.

The Spa:Silverado Resort and Spa, Napa
The Inspiration: Lemonade
The Treatment: Meyer Lemon Salt Glo
Ingredients: This tingly treatment features a scrub made with juice squeezed from a Meyer lemon picked on the property, lemon olive oil and organic sea salt. A body exfoliation is followed by a foot and scalp massage and a powerful rinse in a Swiss shower featuring 16 showerheads. To seal in moisture a lemon body butter is applied from head to toe.

The Spa: Ohtli Spa at CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
The Inspiration: Margarita with salt
The Treatment: Agave Syrup, Cornmeal & Sea Salt Scrub
Ingredients: Got dead skin cells? Yeah, you do. To achieve fresh, radiant skin a therapist will scrub you with a mixture of cornmeal and coarse seal salt. Agave syrup (made from plants grown on site) mixed in a light coconut oil base will hydrate and moisturize.

The Spa:Hotel Boca Chica, Acapulco
The Inspiration: Probiotic Smoothie
The Treatment: Boca Fresca Facial
Ingredients: Mandarin orange and goat milk yogurt are used to cleanse the face before an exfoliating mask of papaya and vitamin C is applied to dissolve oil and dead skin cells. Finally, the skin is hydrated with an antioxidant rich avocado and aloe mask.

The Spa:The Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui
The Inspiration: Champagne and caviar
The Treatment: Moana Mana Body Firming
Ingredients: Forget the gym. This treatment promises to firm, nourish and hydrate the skin with a salt exfoliation that's followed by a caviar firming body complex. While wrapped in caviar, you'll be pampered with an algae facial masque and foot rub.

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