It'll be raining cats and dogs in FrontierVille 'soon'


This week, FrontierVille rolled out a mission where you build a doghouse and help save a hungry dog. But, it looks like the tired old pooch will be one of the first of several breeds of furry friends that will be arriving on the frontier.

When you finish the Doghouse mission, you get a pop up window that has the image above and the following message:

"Need a pal on the Frontier? Pets are coming to FrontierVille! Dogs, cats and rhinoceroses (all right, maybe not rhinos) are on their way soon! Who's a Good Boy then?"

So, yes, your virtual piece of the Wild West might soon be littered with cats and dogs -- and maybe the folks behind the scenes will go ahead and indulge us with a pet rhinoceroses -- just for kicks. Who wouldn't want a rhino to add to their menagerie?

[Via FrontierVille Legend]