FrontierVille English Countryside: Expand your farm with Surveyors

While you may be excited to make the trip to the English Countryside in FarmVille, keep in mind that you won't be landing in an area that's as large as the Home Farm size you may be used to. Luckily, there are six expansions ready for you in the game's store. However, this isn't a process as simple as having a specific amount of neighbors and then unlocking them with coins.

Each expansion is locked to you (at least the coin option is) until you can collect enough "Surveyors" to unlock the ability to purchase each particular expansion with coins. Your first farm expansion, for example, is called the "English Homestead," and it expands your second farm to the 14 x 14 size for 25,000 coins. First, though, you'll need to ask two surveyors to help you.

Meet us behind the break to see how to add Surveyors' help to your land and expand your farm to new sizes.

To receive the help of Surveyors, you'll need to think of Surveyors as your friends. You'll be able to receive their help by clicking on the "Unlock" button on your next expansion and then clicking on the "Invite Friends" button to send out individual requests to friends, asking them to help you expand.

In the image above, we've moved onto the second expansion, which requires six Surveyors in total. This expansion takes the two Surveyors you gathered for the first expansion and simply adds to them. That is, you only need to have four additional friends help you in order to reach the full six. This means that the feature is cumulative, which should help you expand just a bit faster.

Once you collect the needed Surveyors for a particular expansion, you'll be able to purchase it as normal for coins (which increase with each expansion, just as the number of Surveyors increases). It will apparently take 20 Surveyors in total to unlock the final expansion currently available - the English Estate - but we'd imagine the coin price tag will be the issue to slow people down, rather than the number of Surveyors. Still 750,000 coins is much better than the multi-million coin price tags we've seen back in the Home Farm, so I guess we can't really complain.

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Have you already started expanding your land in the English Countryside, or are you waiting until your Home Farm is completely expanded before spending the coins? Let us know in the comments.
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