FrontierVille English Countryside: Expand your farm with Surveyors


While you may be excited to make the trip to the English Countryside in FarmVille, keep in mind that you won't be landing in an area that's as large as the Home Farm size you may be used to. Luckily, there are six expansions ready for you in the game's store. However, this isn't a process as simple as having a specific amount of neighbors and then unlocking them with coins.

Each expansion is locked to you (at least the coin option is) until you can collect enough "Surveyors" to unlock the ability to purchase each particular expansion with coins. Your first farm expansion, for example, is called the "English Homestead," and it expands your second farm to the 14 x 14 size for 25,000 coins. First, though, you'll need to ask two surveyors to help you.

Meet us behind the break to see how to add Surveyors' help to your land and expand your farm to new sizes.