FarmVille LE English Countryside Avatar Clothing: English Dress, English T-Shirt


While you can spend tons of coins and Farm Cash decorating your FarmVille farm(s) with the new items released in this evening's limited edition English Countryside theme (which does contain items for your Home Farm), your avatar might be feeling a little left out of the international celebration (that is, if you assume that your avatar has emotions). In comes Zynga with two new items available to purchase in the Clothes section of the FarmVille Marketplace.

These two items are the English Dress and the English T-Shirt. The English Dress is a two-piece package, consisting of a flag-print dress and tall white boots like those associated with the 1960's or Go-Go Dancers. You can purchase this dress for 10 Farm Cash, and will receive 350 XP in the process of doing so. Meanwhile, the other new item is the English T-Shirt, which is much more wallet-friendly, as it is available for only 30,000 coins.

Of course, the English T-Shirt doesn't make much of an impact visually, since our avatars have such tiny frames, but if you've like to spend just coins, rather than Farm Cash, at least we do have an option in this theme. Both of these items will be available in the store for the next month.

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Will you purchase either of these items for your in-game avatar to wear? Let us know which one in the comments.

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