FarmVille LE English Countryside Animals: Clydesdale Stallion, Morgan Horse, English Cow & More

A whopping nine animals have been released in the FarmVille marketplace in the new limited edition English Countryside theme. Again, this theme is a bit separate from the English Countryside expansion, and these items are available in your store whether you have received the English Countryside as an update to your farm or not (it is still on a slow rollout). That is, they can be placed on your Home Farm, but are not transferable to your English farm (meaning you'll need to buy two to have them on both farms).

These nine animals consist of those we saw previewed on the Model Farm just this week, and come in the form of cows, chickens, horses, and even a duck and pig. To be fair, not all of these items are new to the game, but if you missed your chance at them the first time around, it's nice to see them back again. To see a complete look at the new animals, meet us behind the break.The nine animals are as follows, including their costs:

Clydesdale Stallion - 40 Farm Cash
Morgan Horse (re-release) - 24 Farm Cash
Old English Hen - 20 Farm Cash
Silkie Chicken (re-release) - 20 Farm Cash
Blue Cow (re-release) - 22 Farm Cash
English Cow - 22 Farm Cash
Red Cow (re-release) - 100,000 coins
Crested Duck - 16 Farm Cash
Tamworth Pig - 16 Farm Cash

As you can see, four of these nine animals have once been available in the game in another way. For reference, the Morgan Horse was released last July as part of the New England theme. The Silkie Chicken was released during the Thanksgiving event in 2010. The Blue Cow was released as part of the Megamind film promotional event back in November, and finally, the Red Cow was a prize in the zLotto event. The former three animals all retain their same prices from their initial release, while the Red Cow of course is new to the store.

Remember, if you purchase the Morgan Horse or any of the cows, you'll have a chance of breeding that animal in its respective animal building to receive a Calf or Foal, where applicable.

You'll have a full month to find enough Farm Cash (or coins) to purchase these animals, as they have been given a very lengthy expiration date in the store. We'll make sure to let you know if more items in this English Countryside theme release in the future, so keep checking back with us.

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In the meantime, let us know what you think of this release - do you appreciate having English themed items that you can decorate your home farm with? Which ones will you purchase? Sound off in the comments.
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