FarmVille English Countryside: Using the Pub

While most FarmVille farmers may be used to having a choice in their crafting buildings, between Bakeries, Wineries, and Spas, in the English Countryside, you have but one choice - the Pub. Luckily, this building is readily available to purchase for farmers when they arrive in the English Countryside, and it costs you just 100,000 coins to do so.

The Pub takes up a fairly large footprint, if you're concerned about saving space, and functions as other Crafting Buildings have in the past. That is, it starts as a 1-Star Pub, with only two recipes available to craft, but can be expanded all the way up to a 5-Star Pub by leveling up the recipes that you currently have access to with Bushels.

To get you started, we've made a list of the recipes you can expect to create and master for the first two levels of the Pub, as Levels 3-5 are unknown as of this writing. Meet us behind the break to see what's in store for you once you purchase a Pub for your second farm.