FarmVille English Countryside Tips & Tricks: Use your Gift Box to fill your farm


With the release of the English Countryside in FarmVille comes the interesting issue of farm-specific items. That is, if you purchase an item from the store, place it from your gift box, or in any other way add an item to one farm or the other, there currently is no way to move that item to your other farm.

For example, if you were to purchase a Dogwood Tree for your Home Farm, and then decide that it would be better suited on your farm in the English Countryside, you'll simply have to purchase a second Dogwood Tree in England - you can't pick up the Dogwood Tree and move it across farms.

However, this doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. While, yes, purchasing Farm Cash animals or decorations does take on a bit more seriousness, as you have to be absolutely certain which farm you'd like to place that item on permanently, the simple ability to being able to take most items from your Gift Box across the pond (and back again) does present many new opportunities.