FarmVille English Countryside rollout continues


After a brief hiccup last night, the FarmVille English Countryside expansion continues to roll out to players. When the expansion is live on your farm, you'll get a pop-up image that shows a farmer pointing upward, exclaiming "Look! Up in the sky!"

farmville english countryside look up in the sky
farmville english countryside look up in the sky

After you agree to 'Check it out,' the Duke and his airship will crash land on your farm -- and you'll then do a series of missions before jetting to your brand new farm. Most of the Duke airship missions are pretty simple -- buy 3 crates, buy a cow -- and then the final one (a Bon Voyage party), requires you to get up to 35 friends to help you throw a Bon Voyage party. Or, if you don't want to wait for friends, you can pay 65 60 Farm Cash to travel to England right away. This is the part where most people seem to be getting stuck, so if there was any time to be a good neighbor (and hope for the same in return), this is it!

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