FarmVille English Countryside: Repairing the Broken Super Combine

If you've made it past the Bon Voyage Party and Duke's Airship Goals in FarmVille, you're now likely staring at the green rolling hills surrounding your second farm in the English Countryside. Once there, of the things you'll notice is the brown Super Combine that has seen better days. This brings you one of your first challenges in the English Countryside - repairing this Super Combine to its former glorious (and need I say functional?) state.

Meet us behind the break for a guide to do just that.
While you may expect to have to gather 25 or more Vehicle Parts to build this Super Combine from scratch, luckily this is a case where "less is more," and you'll only need 5 vehicle parts in total to repair the Combine to be functional (don't worry, if you saved up more than that in preparation for the English Countryside, you'll need them later).

Once the Super Combine is complete, it will look very similar to your Home Farm Super Combine, if you stuck with the original red model. This Super Combine starts at Level 1, but can be upgraded fully to level 5 using different amounts of Vehicle Parts, if you choose to build a Garage on your English Farm (check out our guide). Here's the rundown, from level 1 to level 5:

Level 2: 2 Vehicle Parts
Level 3: 5 Vehicle Parts
Level 4: 10 Vehicle Parts
Level 5: 15 Vehicle Parts

As with the first Super Combine back on your Home Farm, each time you level up the vehicle, your Combine will then be able to plow, harvest, and seed (all in one click) a larger area of land, starting at a 2x2 square (so, four squares at a time), all the way up to a 4x4 square, or 16 squares total. If you don't happen to have the 32 Vehicle Parts on hand to upgrade fully to level 5, you can ask for Vehicle Parts by clicking on the Ask for Parts button inside your Garage. You'll be able to send out individual gift requests to your friends asking for parts.

Remember, these Vehicle Parts will go into your gift box, and can be used on either your Home Farm or your English Farm. The vehicles that you're upgrading however, are specific to that particular farm. That is, for right now, there's no way to move items from one farm to another. Once they're out of your gift box, they're specific to the farm you placed them on.

Check out the rest of our English Countryside coverage right here.

Have you repaired and fully upgraded your English Super Combine? Let us know in the comments!
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