FarmVille English Countryside: Repair and expand the Horse Stable

As you make your way to your second farm in the FarmVilleEnglish Countryside, having made your way past Duke's Bon Voyage Party, one of the first things you'll notice on your new land is the rundown Horse Stable. While it's great that Zynga has given us the frame of the building for free, it is entirely useless in its current state, and you'll need to repair it if you want to actually store Horses in it.

This will take up just a few of your saved building parts, or Special Delivery Boxes that you might have been saving in preparation for the launch of the English Countryside, but don't worry, we'll find a place to put those extra parts in just a minute.

Meet us behind the break for more on how to repair this Horse Stable.

Luckily, you won't have to do much to complete the repairs on your Horse Stable (I guess Zynga was telling the truth when they said they wanted the expansion to be new-user friendly). You'll need just 10 Nails to finish the repair process, as you'll see that Zynga has already added the other 40 ingredients to the Horse Stable for you.

Once the Horse Stable has been completed, you'll be able to share a free Gray Horse with your friends, and you'll receive one of your own, so that you Horse Stable never has to sit empty. Its staring capacity is just 20 Horses, but as with the Horse Stable back on your Home Farm, this can be expanded. In this is where your excess building materials will come into play. Note: Expanding is entirely voluntary, so save your building parts if you wish to build other structures, like the Garage, first.

The first expansion will require a full 50 parts to complete: 10 each of Bricks, Harnesses, Horseshoes, Nails, and Wooden Boards. This is the exact same setup as the Horse Stable expansions back on your Home Farm, as you will need to, more or less, collect enough building ingredients to build a Horse Stable from scratch just to expand. You'll be able to store 10 more Horses when this is done. It's presumable that a second expansion will be available after the first, containing the same requirements, and adding another 10 spots of inventory to your Horse Stable, just as with the original Horse Stable on your Home Farm.

Here's a rundown of ways to get more of these ingredients, if you don't have any saved in your inventory:

- Click on the "Ask for More" button under each ingredient and send individual requests for items to friends
- Purchase these ingredients for 1 Farm Cash each
- Use Special Delivery Boxes which will reward you with the parts you need
- Have friends send these to you from the free gifts page
- Look for wall posts giving away excess parts as your friends complete building projects on their own farms

If you'd like to quickly stock your Horse Stable with new Horses, remember that your gift box can be used on both your Home Farm and your English Farm. If you collect from the Nursery Barn on your Home Farm, as an example, and one of your foals grows into a Horse, you can take that Horse with you to England and place it in this Horse Stable. You can also purchase some Horses (even some English Horses) from the store. Your Horse Stable can be harvested once per day.

Check out the rest of our English Countryside coverage right here.

Have you completed the repairs to your Horse Stable on your second farm, or are you still waiting for the update to roll around to your account? Let us know in the comments.
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