FarmVille English Countryside Mystery Gift prizes include vehicles

FarmVille English Countryside Mystery Gift
FarmVille English Countryside Mystery Gift

Amidst the deluge of new items and features coming from FarmVille English Countryside, FarmVille Freak has found one gem in particular that's pretty astounding. If you open any Mystery Gift while playing FarmVille in England, it will have a chance of dropping vehicles. No, not Vehicle Parts or run-down rigs like the Broken Combine, but 100 percent complete Tractors, Seeders and Harvesters. Come to think of it, these are kind of useless in light of the Broken Combine that's sitting on English farms just waiting to be fixed. (Not to mention it's free.) Well, at least each rig sells for a good amount of coin--oh, never mind.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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