FarmVille English Countryside: Building a Garage

So, you've already spotted the broken Super Combine on your FarmVilleEnglish Countryside, but even after you repair it (check out our guide), do you really want to leave this fantastic three-in-one farm vehicle only capable of farming a 2x2 square area of land?

If not, you'll need to build a Garage, and luckily for you, a themed Garage has been released in the new English Countryside market. However, just like the Super Combine itself, it comes in a state of complete disrepair, and you'll need to rebuild it. Unlike the Super Combine, which was placed on your new farm by default, this is a building that must be purchased, even in its sorry state. The Garage Frame costs 50,000 coins to purchase from the store.

Meet us behind the break for a look at how to rebuild this vehicle storage building.