FarmVille English Countryside: Build and expand the Sheep Pen


One of the most hotly anticipated new features in the English Countryside expansion in FarmVille is the ability to breed sheep. You'll receive two free, plain white sheep (not specifically Ewes or Rams) for free when you start working on your second farm, but if you'd like to jump into Sheep Breeding itself, you'll first need to build the Sheep Pen in which to house them.

The Sheep Pen is available to purchase from the store for 5,000 coins. For that price, you'll receive just the frame, which must be built up with building materials: 10 each of Wooden Boards, Nails, and Bricks. Most of you will have saved up more than enough of these materials in preparation for your trip to England, but if not, you can meet us behind the break for a guide on how to earn more building ingredients, and how to continue your work on building the Sheep Pen.