Everybody's Working On the Weekend

Working On the Weekend It looks like the words to that 1981 Loverboy tune should get a re-write for the new millennium. These days, everybody's not working for the weekend, but rather working on the weekend, according to a recent survey, which found that a third of all office employees no longer leave work at the office, but take it home and attend to it on the weekends.

The survey, conducted by StinkyInk and featured on NewsLite, showed that millions of people say that over the weekend they regularly check emails, answer calls, text, tweet and start, continue or finish projects. The average weekend worker devotes about four hours on Saturday and/or Sunday to work-related activities.

Even though it often means missing out on valuable times with friends and family, a quarter of those surveyed said they're willing to take work home, because if they don't, they'll be snowed under on Monday.

And here's the rub: only 17 percent say they get paid extra for their weekend work. Perhaps it makes them feel less guilty about the personal endeavors, like watching YouTube videos and shopping online, that they do during company hours.

Here are the top ten tasks that weekend workers attend to:


1. Reading emails

2. Replying to emails

3. Preparing for meetings

4. Contacting customers or clients via email

5. Polishing upcoming presentations

6. Fielding phone calls from the boss

7. Organizing/Filing

8. Fielding phone calls from customers or clients

9. Working on expense account claims

10. General administrations duties

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