Plant CityVille Lettuce crops, give to Japan earthquake victims

Earthquake Relief Lettuce
Earthquake Relief Lettuce

Still haven't gotten around to donating to the Japan earthquake victims? Fret not, as Zynga has given you a second chance in CityVille with the new Lettuce crop. For every single head of "Earthquake Relief Lettuce" purchased for 8 City Cash, Zynga will donate the proceeds to Save the Children, according to CityVille Info.

The company recently ended a round of donation promotions in FarmVille, FrontierVille, Cafe World and more, raising over $1 million for Save the Children to donate to Japan. It's unsure whether this is start of another round, though we're sure Zynga could easily raise another $1 million if that were the case.

Like the Sweet Potato crop before it, these Lettuce crops grow instantly, never wither and are worth 425 Goods. Roughly, 8 City Cash amounts to $1, though you can only buy the currency in bundles of 15 for $2. Either way, every dollar counts to help alleviate the devastation in Japan, so plant a head of lettuce, will ya?

[Source: CityVille Info]

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