$25 Restaurant Gift Cards for $2

Waitress carries a tray of food
Waitress carries a tray of food

Slash 25% to 40% from your restaurant bill by buying $25 restaurant gift cards for $2 through Restaurant.com. The gift cards normally are $10, but plug in coupon code DEAL as you check out to get 80% off, bringing your final cost to $2. This restaurant coupon code expires March 27, 2011.

There are a few tricks to using the Restaurant.com gift cards. You can only use one per table and you are usually required to spend a bit more than the $25 gift card amount, like $35 or $50. Alcohol, tax, and tip are excluded from the total so be prepared to eat a lot of food! (That's what doggy bags are for, no?) Some restaurants require you to redeem the gift card on slow days, like Sunday through Thursday.

Caveats: Restaurant.com gift cards do not expire, but if you lose them you cannot replace them. Some restaurants may have additional redemption rules. Check the fine print before you buy to make sure you can abide by them. A few certificates start at $15, not $10, so they cost slightly more after the coupon code is applied.

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