This Bud's For You, Stealing Marijuana Costs Cop His Job

jcop steals marijuana All he did was tuck one tiny marijuana bud inside his helmet, but the action was enough to cost a Florida police officer his entire career. Fellow Winter Haven police officers said they saw their colleague nip the bud while they were conducting a seizure of about 250 marijuana plants from a grow house.

Ricardo Flores, 36, arrived on the scene where the plants were being loaded into a city pick up truck to be hauled to the police station. He was serving as a motorcycle cop, and was not an official part of the investigation. Other officers reported that they saw him taking the tiny bud from the truck and attempting to keep it under his hat.

Flores accepted a plea deal on charges that he stole a small amount of pot during the seizure. He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor possession of cannabis, and agreed to give up his law enforcement credentials, as well as serve a year of probation.

Police Chief Gary Hester is reported to have said that the profession is better off without Flores, that he violated a position of trust, and that his actions demonstrate a significant character flaw.

"No one is above the law," Hester said.

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