Syfy Channel beaming up to social games business

Syfy channel
Soon, the omni-nerds--you know, the folks who watched Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in its entirety and enjoyed it--will flock to Facebook to see what SyFy is up to in social games. According to, the NBC-owned network will create games based off of its own programs (ahem, Battlestar Galactica, anyone?) and original content. Of course, the games will launch on Facebook, but the company has plans to release them to other platforms.

"This bold business expansion into games publishing secures a key foundation for the powerful Syfy brand in the burgeoning social games space," said Syfy president Dave Howe. "By providing our fans on social networks and other platforms with a distinctive, premium gaming experience, we are creating a perfect complement to our existing Syfy Games portfolio."

All of the Syfy Facebook games will be open to sponsors like Zynga's and Playfish's games are, but no official promotions have been announced much less the games themselves. Syfy already has experience releasing browser-based games surrounding its franchises like Battlestar Galactica Online through Bigpoint, so chances are these will be quality social games. Just leave the Deep Space Nine be, will ya?

[Source: Broadcasting and Cable]

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