Now Hiring: J.P. Morgan Chase in Florida

J.P. Morgan Hiring Who says there are no job opportunities in states with warm climates? Banking giant J.P. Morgan Chase intends to open 35 branches in Florida this year, according to, and has already begun its staffing search. Each branch will need about 20 employees, with plenty of positions for tellers, personal bankers, mortgage loan officers, and financial advisers.

Over the next five years, the bank plans to add from 375 to 500 branches in the Sunshine State, so there could be plenty of opportunity for you to move around and move up within the company. The bank also intends to build at least 1,500 additional branches in other parts of the United States within the same time frame.

There are also international job opportunities with Chase, in places including Asia, Europe, South Africa, Japan and India. J.P. Morgan Chase has become one of the world's largest banks, and currently has more than 70,000 employees worldwide.

There are jobs for people with everything from a high school diploma to advanced degrees. They also have a very active campus recruiting program, and there are even summer internships. The company began about 200 years ago, and prides itself on rapid change, so employee flexibility and nimbleness are very important. Recruiters are looking for well-rounded employees, so don't rule these positions out just because you're not a math whiz or finance guru.

To find out more about job opportunities in Florida or in your local area, visit Chase's website. It isn't the most user-friendly site you'll ever find, but it's certainly worth taking the time to investigate.

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