New Innovations at Dollar Tree Direct -- Closeouts and Brides

new innovations at Dollar TreeDollar Tree's website is already one of the best I've seen for a dollar store. Seasonal items displayed on the home page are changed weekly, you can see in-store specials, as well as read the online flier for what's new in the stores. You can rate products you've tried, see an in-store item of the week, often a great deal on a brand name and, as of last year, there's a small business center that lets a business owner browse exactly what they need for their particular business without searching through the whole website.

Now there are two new innovations at Dollar Tree Direct.Online closeouts and limited time offers -- Just as the name suggests, this would be your last chance to order the items in this section. Products come from every category that Dollar Tree sells, including snack foods, toys, dishes and other housewares. A quick look as I write this revealed that they're clearing out some cotton terry kitchen towels, some champagne flutes, stoneware dishes, Hot Wheel cars and Combos snacks, among other things.

But don't expect reduced prices. Unlike closeouts at other stores, the price for these items remains a buck each.

Bride's Page -- What a neat idea! For years brides everywhere have been making use of the great stuff at dollar stores to help cut down on the costs associated with a wedding. Now they can get inspiration for making great wedding decorations and party favors at Dollar Tree, too.

If you're planning a wedding this year, check it out. You might be surprised how elegant dollar store finds can look. There's a link to a blog that can help you choose colors according to the latest trends, bridal shower ideas, and offers a list of links to other websites with still more inspiration and advice.

What's good about these pages is that Dollar Tree shows you the finished product and includes the instructions for making them. These include party favors, floral arrangements, candle ideas and place settings.

I repeat -- what a great idea!

Marlene Alexander is a writer and dollar store diva. She writes tips and ideas for budget decorating using only items from the dollar store.
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