Mental Toughness Will Land You a Job

job interviewWith s many people still out of work, those facing a year of unemployment or longer have probably changed their resume and cover letter, how they apply to jobs and even their elevator pitch in an attempt to finally get hired. But there's something that everyone needs throughout a frustrating job search that is often overlooked: mental toughness!

Mental toughness is about focusing on your thoughts, philosophies, beliefs and attitude, to give you the ability to determine what you want, why you want it and how to get it. It's the secret tool of world-class performers. When it comes to the job search, using mental toughness means transforming from middle-class thinker (the masses) to world-class performer (champions), and this one step can make the difference between employment and unemployment.

How to get mentally tough

Rely on yourself: Most job seekers subconsciously believe they're going to be discovered, saved, offered a job or made rich by an outside force in the future. They are convinced their hero on the white horse is right around the corner ready to save them. Champions know it comes down to self-reliance and personal responsibility. They don't wait around for their ship to come in, they build their own ship.

Be proactive: One of the best approaches to change your thoughts about the job search is to go from having a lottery mentality to an action mentality. The masses send out thousands of random resumes every day, waiting for the phone to ring. World-class thinkers have an action mentality because they have empowering beliefs about the job search that leads them to effective, daily action that serves as the foundation of their search success.

Take risks: Average people are risk-averse. You don't have to make it through life in one piece, staying below the radar and arriving at death safely. Don't be afraid to step out and try a career path that's different and exciting. If you could have any career in the world, what would it be? If you're not working in this field right now, why not? We all have only so much sand left in our hourglass; one day our sand will run out. The time to take a risk is now.

Embrace challenges: The masses see obstacles like the job search as primarily adversary, whereas champions aren't afraid of rejection. They get in the game and get hit hard, so they learn to overcome obstacles and catapult their consciousness where they believe anything is possible -- and any job is obtainable. Sometimes all it takes is convincing yourself that you can do whatever you want, reach any goal you set, and land any job your heart desires. It's about being driven by positive expectations. Always expect to win regardless of what you are up against.

Focus on the future: Letting go of the past is what separates amateurs from the pros. If you were laid off, are you still angry and dwelling on it? Champions are future-oriented. Future orientation allows you to dream of grand visions and unlimited possibilities. It will also keep you motivated in your job search because it keeps the proverbial carrot out in front. The great ones make their own circumstances and respond with a higher level of awareness to negative events in their lives.

Think positively: Average performers are oblivious to what they are saying to themselves and how it's affecting the quality of their lives. Rejection after rejection from prospective employers has them in emotional turmoil and telling themselves they are finished. Up to 77 percent of the average person's self-talk is negative. Developing a world-class self-talk may be the most powerful mental toughness tool of all; if mastered, it can give you the power to achieve anything and get any job you want.

The bottom line: Tough times require tough people. If you're lacking mental toughness, you're going to achieve average results. To find the job of your dreams and get what you want out of life, it's time to upgrade your mental toughness skills and ascend to the throne of the world-class.

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