March Madness Facebook Game Showdown: Round 2

march madness facebook game showdown
march madness facebook game showdown The Blog is having it's own March Madness tournament. Instead of college basketball teams going head to head, we're pitting the top sixteen Facebook games against each other. Over the weekend we ran our first round of the tournament. Games were seeded one through sixteen based on the number of daily active users on March 17th (St. Patrick's Day!) The top seeded games had the most daily players with the lowest seeded games having the least.
The March Madness Facebook Game Showdown is on to round two! In the first round the higher seeded games (the games with more players) easily trounced their lesser seeded opponents, except for one! One of our match ups there was an upset!
The fading Facebook game super star game Pet Society by Playfish, was able to narrowly defeat Zynga's Cafe World. Pet Society one by the narrow margin of 54% to 46% .
The second round match ups are set! And this time it will be brother against brother as many second round match ups involve Zynga games verses Zynga games. I wonder if the developers will be able to chose between their babies.

The first match up is a biggie. Number one contender CityVille verses old time favorite Mafia Wars. This one should be very close.