GoodGuide's Dishwasher Ratings: Miele Trumps Maytag

A dishwasher - GoodGuide dishwasher ratingsThe Miele G2732SCI outscores more than 450 dishwashers rated by GoodGuide, while Maytag's Built-In Drawer Dishwasher ranks last.

Consumer Ally has teamed up with GoodGuide, whose experts have rated more than 65,000 consumer goods -- including food, toys, personal care and household products -- using factors that include concern for the environment, personal health and social responsibility, as consumers begin to consider more than just price.GoodGuide's ratings also include a brief explanation for each category, though the user can drill down into each score for more detail. The health score measures a product's potential health impact on consumers.

The environment score is based on the impact of the product in question and the company's overall policies and practices. The society score evaluates social impact, which can include treatment of workers, workplace diversity, community involvement and corporate ethics.

Because dishwashers pose no human health risks, health scores weren't assigned to these products, which GoodGuide explains in its ratings methodology. As such, environment and society scores carried more weight.

For example, The Miele G2732SCI's 7.5 rating is based on:
  • A Health score of N/A (not applicable).
  • An Environment score of 8.0: The company that makes this product has one of the highest scores in responsible water use.
  • A Society score of 7.0: Compared to other companies, this company scores well on diversity in the workplace.
On the other hand, Maytag's Built-In Drawer Dishwasher's 4.5 rating was based on:
  • A Health score of N/A (not applicable).
  • An Environment score of 5.0: The company that makes this product receives an average rating on environmental management compliance.
  • A Society score of 4.0: The company that makes this product has a below average score in ethical policies and performance.
GoodGuide rated 458 diswashers offering shopping tips for consumers, which includes choosing Energy Star models as well as dishwashers with several cycle options to avoid wasting energy and water.

Below are the top-five best- and worst-rated products. In order to avoid repetition of a particular brand (Miele and Samsung monopolized the top 50 slots, while six Kitchen aid washers were tied with Maytag for seven worst), we've skipped ahead to the next best or worst brand.

The Best Dishwashers
The Worst Dishwashers
Check out all the top-rated dishwashers (in descending order) here, and the poorly rated ones (in ascending order) here.
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