FrontierVille Doghouse Quests: Everything you need to know

Just today, we brought you the news that a new Doghouse would be coming to FrontierVille. Well, it didn't take long for that "coming soon" to turn into reality, as a series of five new Doghouse quests have started rolling out in FrontierVille. Note: This is a slow rollout, as all tend to be in the game, so if you don't see this update available in your game when you login, be patient as you should get it sooner or later.

We have the preliminary information regarding these five quests, but remember, as they are so new (and are unavailable to all users as of this writing), things are subject to change at any time.

For the first part of this quest, you'll need to chop down a few trees, and will be introduced to an "old dog," that looks to come in the form of a Basset Hound.

Chop Trees 15 Times
Clear 10 Debris
Move the Old Dog

The rewards for completing this first quest are simple - 200 XP and 100 Food.
Part II of V has you collecting a few items, but it isn't anything too overwhelming.

Visit 10 Neighbors
Have a Doghouse
Collect 15 Dog Collars

Details right now are slim as to how much the Doghouse costs or how it will be built. We assume this will be another complex building project, requiring multiple collectible items to complete, and we'll make sure to bring you a validation (or a correction, if applicable) of that prediction as soon as we know more. Meanwhile, you'll be able to ask your friends to send you the Dog Collars. Your rewards for finishing this quest are 300 XP and 100 coins.

Part III of V will be one that will likely take users quite a bit of time, if they don't participate in the ideology of having tons of adult animals on hand at all times.

Sell 30 Adult Sheep
Sell 30 Adult Goats
Clobber 5 Snakes

If you don't have enough Sheep and Goats already on your land, make sure to browse through your inventory for extras, as you might have received them from various quest rewards on the news feed and then forgot you had them. You can also simply purchase both from the store and raise them to adulthood by feeding. Finishing this quest offers you 350 XP and a Wooden Fire Hydrant, a new decorative item made available only through this quest set (as of this writing).

Moving on, Part IV of V will ask you to harvest some crops that we haven't needed since Valentine's Day.

Harvest 30 White Roses
Have 1 Peppermint Extract
Collect 15 Scrub Brushes

The Peppermint Extract is available as the trade-in prize of the Peppermint Collection, while you'll need to ask your friends to send you the Scrub Brushes to finish this quest. Doing so will reward you with 450 XP and 300 Wood.

Finally, Part V of V will finish this quest set by asking you sell more animals, and place your Dog inside its new Doghouse.

Sell 15 Adult Oxen
Place Dog in Doghouse
Collect 2 Daily Bonuses from the Doghouse

Finishing all three of these tasks will reward you with your final prizes - 500 XP and 500 coins.

While these prizes may not be the best we've seen from FrontierVille mission sets in the past, the introduction of man's best friend to the game should be more than enough to make up for the amount of item collecting or animal selling that we have to do with this one. Of course, whether or not that's ultimately the case will be up to you.

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What do you think of these missions? Have you received the Dog / Doghouse on your land yet? Let us know in the comments.
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