FrontierVille Doghouse Collection offers Goose Ready Boost as reward


While many FrontierVille players (myself included) still don't have access to the Doghouse goals that were released this evening, most everyone should already have access to the accompanying collection, called simple the "Doghouse Collection."

While the details surrounding the construction / purchase of the Doghouse are still slim (as we said, this feature is one a slow rollout), it is presumed that you'll receive these Doghouse Collection items from collecting the daily bonus from the structure, or during its building process. Here are the five items you'll need in all:

Dog Ball
Chew Toy
Chewed Shoes
Pig's Ear
Flying Disc

While you might think this would be the perfect kind of collection to reward some sort of dog-themed exclusive decorative item, the prize here is instead rather odd - a Free Goose Ready Boost and 25 XP. Whether or not you'll go through the trouble of turning in this collection then, as opposed to saving these items should they ever be needed elsewhere, will of course be up to you.

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Let us know what you think of this new collection in the comments. Do you have the Doghouse feature on your farm yet? What do you think of your dog? Let us know in the comments.