FarmVille Scam Alert: Candy Apple Tree posts are fake


Last week, we saw the launch of a new FarmVille scam offering Union Jack Mystery Eggs through wall posts. Via that post, you were supposedly allowed to receive a free Union Jack Mystery Egg, but that item hasn't even been released in FarmVille, and we warned you that the posts were fake.

It appears as though the group behind the posts haven't given up, though, as today another post started circulating, this time offering a supposed "free Candy Apple Tree." While we know that the Candy Apple Tree does exist (although it hasn't been released in the game yet), these posts claim to give one away for free. These posts are 100% fake, no matter how convincing they look, and we're here to once again help you from falling victim.

The post is like that seen above. Clicking on the link to "claim" this tree will take you to a page that does look remarkably realistic, but forces you to post the same news item to your wall. You can click on the "Skip" button all you'd like, but it refreshes, trapping you in a loop. If you accidentally click on one of these links, your best bet is to close the browser window altogether.

We'll make sure to let you know when the Candy Apple Tree does officially launch in the game, but for now, avoid these posts no matter what.

Have you seen any of these Candy Apple Tree wall posts? Let us know in the comments.