FarmVille: English Countryside rollout "on hold" due to bugs


Update: It appears as though the rollout has begun once again, as Lexi has commented that a new bug fix has been implemented. Keep checking your farm to see if the update has rolled out to your game.

As with all major FarmVille updates, Zynga chooses to roll them out to a few players to ensure the stability of the game. That is the case with the English Countryside as well, with this being one the slowest rollouts we've seen yet.

The wait for farmers to travel to England has gotten longer this afternoon, as Community Manager Lexilicious confirms that Zynga has stopped rolling out the feature for the time being, due to the appearance of some apparently unforeseen bugs (these seem to mostly be out of sync errors or invisible quests, although there are likely others) that need to be addressed. Here's the official word:

We have found some bugs that need to be addressed before we continue to roll the feature out. (This is why we do slow releases!) These could take a little while to fix, so I would take a break from refreshing the game.

Luckily, Lexi also goes on to say that this "most likely means a few hours" before the team can look at continuing to release to more people. Ever at the ready to answer questions, Lexi's latest post (posted around 30 minutes ago) confirms that the rollout is still on hold.

We'll make sure to update this space when officially starts rolling the feature back out to users. If you weren't one of the lucky users to receive the update, why not take a look at our complete guide to Duke's Airship goals / the Bon Voyage Party so you can be better prepared for what you'll need to do when you are finally introduced to England.

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Were you one of the lucky players to receive the English Countryside before the pause in the rollout? What do you think of the hotly anticipated expansion? Sound off in the comments.

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