FarmVille English Countryside: First market Animals revealed

Thanks to the helpful users over on the official FarmVille forums, we've found that as of right now, if you're one of the lucky players that has access to the English Countryside, you will be able to purchase five different animals from the English Countryside-specific Marketplace.

User SammyJames posted this screen-shot of the in-game store, and we can see the following animals for sale (and look, some even cost coins!). Note: There are conflicting reports from players as to the prices of the Ewes and Rams. Some report that Ewes cost 10 Farm Cash, while Rams cost 25 Farm Cash, but as this is a picture from a working farm, we'll go with that for now.

Ewe (Navy) - 25 Farm Cash
Ewe (Pastel Pink) - 25 Farm Cash
Ram (Purple Dots) - 30 Farm Cash
Pub Cat - 5,000 coins
English Spot Rabbit - 1,200 coinsThere is also a 5-Pack of Love Potions available to purchase for 10 Farm Cash, with both these love potions, and the Ewes and Rams being released as part of the Sheep Pen / Breeding feature in the English Countryside itself. You can learn more about Sheep Breeding in our guide.

All told, it's great (at least in my opinion) to already see animals being released in the new expansion for coins. With the option to use a lot of Farm Cash to just get to England in the first place (check out our guide to Duke's Airship Goals / Bon Voyage Party for more), at least you'll have the ability to decorate your farm with two cute animals right out of the gate.

[Image Credit: Sammy James]

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Have you been lucky enough to travel to England in the game? Will you purchase any of these animals once you get there, or are you saving your coins / Farm Cash for something else? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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