FarmVille English Countryside Duke's Airship Goals: Everything you need to know

Crashing Airship
The Duke has finally arrived in FarmVille, but his landing wasn't exactly smooth. In fact, his airship is in tatters, so it's up to you to fix it and accept his offer of your very own farm in the English Countryside. This introductory set of Goals isn't terribly difficult, but to ensure you're ready to get to England as quickly as possible, join us behind the break for a detailed guide.

Duke's AirshipWhen the content becomes available to you in-game, a boy will point out something in the distance that's approaching fast. The game will then play a short cutscene displaying Duke's graceful entrance. Afterward, he'll offer you a deed to your new farm (how did these people find out about you?), but needs you to fix his airship if you're to make the trek across the pond. You'll immediately be put into placement mode, so place the airship down and begin tackling the first Goal:

1. Drop Anchor!:
  • Buy 3 Crates from the Market and place them

Easy enough, right? Crates cost just 150 coins and yield 5 XP when placed. Once you purchase one Crate, you will remain in placement mode, meaning you don't have to access the Market to buy the next two Crates--just place two more. Once this Goal is complete, you'll earn a whopping 100 XP, 5 Farm Cash and 2500 coins. Zynga's being mighty generous for being on your out of the farm.

2. Cotton to It:

  • Plant 50 Cotton

That's it, really. Just throw down 50 Cotton plants and, without even harvesting them, you'll have completed this Goal. However, this one will cost you 3,750 coins. Finish planting and you'll be rewarded with 100 XP, 1 Flag and another 2,500 coins.

3. Nice Supplies:

  • Purchase 1 Cow from the Market

Couldn't these just be condensed into one Goal? Just buy the Cow from the Market and you will be rewarded with 250 XP, an Aviator's Cap and yet another 2,500 coins.

Duke's Airship Party
4. Bon Voyage Party:
  • 0-3 neighbors: Unable to travel to England
  • 4-14 neighbors: Depart in 4 days
  • 15-34 neighbors: Depart in 2 days
  • 35 neighbors: Depart right now

Finally, it's time to say goodbye to your old farm, but not without a send-off party. This could potentially be the biggest snag for people itching to get into FarmVille English Countryside. This Goal acts similar to the New Years party in that you'll need to add friends to your party for a meter to fill to the top. However, the time in which you'll have to wait for access to England is at stake. Add only up to three friends, and you won't even be able to go; add 4 to 14 and the wait time for your flight will be four days, and so on.

And yes, those days are in real time, meaning you'll have to wait another four days to enter the English Countryside expansion if you don't have more than 14 friends. Unfortunately, this is the only way to access this new content, so get into the forums, the FarmVille Facebook page or even the comments below to find more friends to colaborate with.

Once the timer reaches zero, a pop-up will appear guiding you to your new farm. Follow the instructions and you'll be in England in no time. To switch between farms, click on the small airship or home-shaped icons (depending on which farm you're currently in) on the upper righthand corner of the game screen. Now, you're ready to farm in England.

[Source and Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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