EA, Playfish sip on Florida Orange Juice in Pet Society, Restaurant City

Florida Natural Orange Juice
Florida Natural Orange Juice

We can see it now: Executives from EA, Playfish and Florida's Natural Orange Juice rocking on a creaky porch in the Everglades on a Sunday morning, sipping on delicious citrus. "You know," the EA exec says to the Florida Natural suit, "this stuff would rock in our Playfish games." "Really?" the Florida Natural replies excitedly, "How about in Dragon Age 2--" "Don't push your luck." Alright, so it definitely didn't happen that way. Nonetheless, players of both Pet Society and Restaurant City will soon find items sponsored and inspired by Florida Natural Orange Juice in their respective social addictions.

"Florida's Natural recognized the opportunity to build brand preference amongst the hundreds of thousands of avid female players of Restaurant City and Pet Society," Joy Taylor, Director of Global Marketing Solutions at EA, said. "Through this collaboration we were able to enhance gameplay and deliver significant lift in awareness that Florida's Natural doesn't import its juice, which was the goal of their marketing communications."

In Restaurant City, players can give virtual cartons of Florida's Natural to their friends, while in Pet Society they can visit Florida's Natural juice stands and send their friends the good stuff. However, it appears that this promotion is slowly rolling out to players, as I've yet to see the change in either game as of this writing. Either way, Playfish is about to load up on its Vitamin C, and you're all invited. (No, not that Vitamin C!)

[Image Credit: Florida's Natural]

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