Five Cheap Stay-Healthy Buys for College Students

stay healthy
stay healthy

Just as in grade school, college has its share of colds and unhealthy habits to make students sick. Here are five cheap ways to stay healthy in college:

1. Sleep Mask

Is your roommate a night owl? You may share the same room but this doesn't mean you need to be sharing the same sleep schedules. Don't let your roomie's late night habits keep you from catching those much needed Z's.

Sleep is important and a tired mind can lead to missed class notes, and poor exam results -- not to mention your latest zombie look. Bright lights can be a distraction. Avoid it, and make sure you're catching those nightly eight hours. Pick up a sleep mask at your local Target store for a reasonably (worth it) price of $5.49 and toss that zombie look aside. Discover your deepest slumbers as an alert, level-headed college student and be surprised by your new rejuvenated self.