Five Cheap Stay-Healthy Buys for College Students

stay healthyJust as in grade school, college has its share of colds and unhealthy habits to make students sick. Here are five cheap ways to stay healthy in college:

1. Sleep Mask

Is your roommate a night owl? You may share the same room but this doesn't mean you need to be sharing the same sleep schedules. Don't let your roomie's late night habits keep you from catching those much needed Z's.

Sleep is important and a tired mind can lead to missed class notes, and poor exam results -- not to mention your latest zombie look. Bright lights can be a distraction. Avoid it, and make sure you're catching those nightly eight hours. Pick up a sleep mask at your local Target store for a reasonably (worth it) price of $5.49 and toss that zombie look aside. Discover your deepest slumbers as an alert, level-headed college student and be surprised by your new rejuvenated self.2. Dry Erase Board Calendar

You may not think something as simple as a dry erase board calendar can keep your health in check, but organization skills are key to keeping you from feeling overwhelmed. High stress can undeniably lead to sickness and poor health.

By writing down exam dates, paper due dates, and even your loved ones birthdays, can truly minimize the clutter in your life. By keeping your life's agenda visible, hung up on the wall, and in plain sight, you will feel less stressed and more orderly.

The way you keep things in your life in line matters, and it has a way of affecting every aspect of the college year adventures. Avoid a cluttered agenda and write it all down, your mind will thank you for it. Stop into your local Target store and pick up a dry erase board calendar for $12.99- a reasonable price for an orderly life.

3. Multivitamin

Remember those Flintstone vitamins your mom made you take as a kid? Well, they weren't just candy. A daily multivitamin provides you with the essential daily nutrients and can prevent you from getting that yearly flu. With all the ruckus of college year weekends, it's essential to add this to your diet.

The world doesn't stop for you when you get sick. So, take control and prevent it from happening. Pick up a jar of multivitamins today at your local Vitamin Shoppe and be sure to stay healthy during those four years of college craze.

4. CamelBak Water Bottle

Let's face it, bottled water is not cheap. In fact, it's outright ridiculous. Water is free! Splurge on that one time purchase for $14.99 at your local Dick's Sporting Goods store. Dehydration can lead to drowsiness, and a subdued mind.

Stay alert, healthy, and hydrated with the easy, on-the-go water bottle from CamelBak. Not only is it BPA free, but it comes in a variety of colors. Sport your favorite and stay hydrated with CamelBak's on-the-go water bottle.

5. Hand Sanitizer

As a college student, we share rooms, food, drinks and more personal space than a non-college student does everyday. Many of us use public transportation, and more studies show that many people do not wash their hands after using the restroom.

We carry germs with us everyday by touching common objects such as door handles and school desks in the classroom. Pick up a cheap bottle of hand sanitizer and carry it with you on the go. You can't handle a sickness right now as the semester begins to dwindle down. Clean hands matter, and it can prevent more than you think. Pick up a bottle at your local Walmart store for $2.97.
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